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UK grants Huawei a limited role in 5G, defying President Trump
January 28, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday granted China's Huawei a limited role in Britain's 5G mobile network, resisting U.S. pressure ...

U.S. laments UK decision allowing Huawei a limited 5G role: aide
January 28, 2020

The United States is disappointed by the United Kingdom's decision to grant Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei a limited role in ...

3M forecasts 2020 profit below estimates on weak China demand
January 28, 2020

U.S. industrial giant 3M Co forecast 2020 profit below expectations and narrowly missed quarterly revenue estimates on Tuesday, as ...

Ryanair warns of job losses as 737 MAX delivery date slips
January 28, 2020

Ryanair has warned pilots of possible base closures and job cuts as the date for delivery of its first ...

UTC says Collins 2020 profit to be hurt mainly due to MAX grounding
January 28, 2020

United Technologies Corp Chief Financial Officer Neil Mitchill said he expects 2020 operating profit at the U.S. aircraft parts ...

Trading breaks MLK day

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    Who We Are

    Individuals around the world look to the right service provider to provide Them with the advice, expertise and opportunities they need to protect And grow their wealth.Leading companies and institutions in more than 50 countries rely on our Financial resources, expertise and infrastructure to help them grow their Businesses, manage their risks and invest for the future.In Switzerland, we fulfill every kind of banking and investment need, from Savings and credit cards to mergers and acquisitions. See how our unique global presence and capabilities can help you Achieve your financial goals.

    When Was Incredit fx Asset Founded?

    Incredit fx Capital Ltd private investment company registered and licensed in Vanuatu island in the port vila city ,Incredit fx is working with several banks in Switzerland since 2010 thus it is member of the banking group in Switzerland , we comply to the swiss regulation and swiss banking system as this gives us big advantage comparing to the other investment companies around the world .
    Incredit fx Capital was maily founded to provide services to private investors in Switzerland and Germany in the realestate and wealth management field , The project was successful thus our services expanded to the FX industry and to PAMM Invetment Solution , this makes Incredit fx Capital on top level of most wealth investment providers in the industry .

    Our Vision

    To offer something unique ,you must be able to show results and viceversa .
    This is our logo in the trading division .
    We will comit to our goals and show the best .
    We will provide more than wht our client expect .
    We create strategies and innovation that works the best .
    We show accurate results and make ourclients satisfied .
    We want to be inspiration source to other traders in the field .
    We will continue our growth and development day by day , side by side to our clients .

    Our Values

    We and our lients are to one side , we work together as partners , we care about their goals and we take care the their financial plans .
    Basically we and our clients are ONE and united .

    Regulation and Compliance

    Because we follow swiss regulation and swiss buissness model , it provide safe investment environment ,since we are registered and regulated broker in the Vanuatu as broker and dealer in securities with registration Nr

    Safety of Funds

    All our accounts are 100% safe and secured as we use Segregated accounts system which is must in Switzerland ,so incase any crises happened the client funds are guaranteed and secured 100% .
    Also our clients are welcome to open and deposit their funds in their desired swiss local bank and upon POA to Incredit fx capital LTD ,we can manage their portfolio while their funds are deposited in the chosen swiss bank account of their choice in Switzerland .
    We also can provide additional service to assist in opening Swiss Bank account and assist the client with the notary and rest of bank account formation and documentation.

    For more information on Segregation solution please see link below

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    Second half 2018

    announce reports Wealth Managements announce Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Incredit fx is proud to announce the second half reports for its Wealth Managements portfolio  . we have reached 41% return for Forex managed accounts …

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    Beware of reduced liquidity on Wednesday 4 July

    Beware of reduced liquidity Beware of reduced liquidity Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Beware of reduced liquidity on Wednesday 4 July due to US market closures. FX • Regular trading hours GOLD & SILVER • …

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    Portfolio Reports for 2017 Announced

    Portfolio Reports Announced Portfolio Reports Announced Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog 8.3.2018 | As of today we have Announced the 2017 Portfolio Reports for Wealth Managements and PAMM FX portfolios . we have showen the …

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    Reduction of maximum exposure on EUR

    Reduction maximum exposure EUR Reduction maximum exposure EUR Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog 23.10.2017 | Due to the probability of high volatility, periods of low liquidity and risk of price gaps that may appear in …

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    North Korea / US speculation

    North Korea US speculation speculation Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Due to a recent rise in tensions between North Korea and the United States, Incredit fx is decreasing the maximum exposure to 10 million of …

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