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    Wealth managers face numerous challenges in their efforts to drive profitable growth. Increasingly demanding clients, rising business complexity and costs, and difficult macroeconomic conditions are all taking a toll.
    The operating models that support the core business are under pressure from a variety of forces. As wealth managers seek to enhance profitability and growth, they will be asked to do more with either static or reduced resources.


    Now it’s the right time to make the right decision,
    at Incredit fx we offer one package for all.

    Incredit fx offers Managed account which generate to the client high profits and with our expertise team we lower the loss risk.

    • We have developed the long term relationship with our trusted clients
    • We have developed the right strategy for each managed account

    Wealth managers that develop a clear vision of their target operating model will be able to build a case for positive change.

    This is what we do in Incredit fx we have developed the correct algorithm and macroeconomics for the past 10 years.

    We do not focus on one trading style , the online exchange market is about 3 billion USD ,the Wealth Manager need the right resources and the right signals and the right places where to execute his trades .

    And in Incredit fx we are working with highly regulated banks in Switzerland where the secrecy is on top level in the world and the money assurance is granted to the swiss account holder.

    No doubt that Switzerland have the safest banking system in the world and no doubts that Switzerland have the right resources for wealth management.


    At Incredit fx you can choose your account type and choose your desired bank account location either with UBS Bank or Swissquote bank.

    We work side by side to our clients needs , daily communication and annual reporting system.

    We work to reduce the risk and to increase profitability for our clients.

    Please contact us for last annual report


    In 2017 there were about 325 wealth management companies in December 2017 315 companies was banned in the swiss market .
    Incredit fx remained and reserved its place in the past 10 years in the Financial industry .

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    online trading with Incredit fx.


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