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CASH PAMM Investment

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    CASH PAMM Investment
    CASH PAMM Investment
    CASH PAMM Investment
    CASH PAMM Investment


    Whether you are looking for someone to manage your existing portfolio, or would like to set up a new investment policy, we can help you.
    We are trusted to deliver actively managed, tax-efficient portfolios to our clients. Our service is flexible and applicable to almost any investment medium, including offshore bonds, regular saving plans and pension policies.

    With a 16 years history and a network of clients in over 3 states ( Asia , Europe and the middle east) , Incredit fx has extensive experience managing the wealth of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals.


    Our global strategy is centered on strengthening Incredit fx leading Wealth Management programm while integrating and finding synergies among the Investment Bank and Global Asset Management divisions to deliver outstanding solutions for our clients.

    The Incredit fx Wealth Management approach is based on the trusted relationship of our Financial Partners and their clients. Our experienced Advisors are committed to understanding clients’ needs and delivering insightful, informed advice to help them realize their dreams.

    Clients Network :

    Multigenerational families

    From managing family wealth dynamics to business succession and financial literacy, Private Wealth Advisors guide wealthy families in their efforts to preserve their financial success and legacy


    Our entrepreneurial clients benefit from our experience working with owners, potential buyers of their businesses and professional networks. We exhaust all avenues to connect you with the leaders and decision-makers who bring a unique vantage point to business expansion, sale or acquisition

    8.3M+FX Managed
    900K+GOLD Investment
    3.5M+Wealth Management

    The Process:

    Over a series of meetings, the adviser helps the client establish the best investment solution for their own personal objectives and situation, or reassess their existing one. This will include analysing the term over which the policy will run, the contribution level and the most effective investment vehicle. The adviser will also explain and assist the client to identify the level of risk exposure they are comfortable with, so that the right strategy can be chosen.
    Once a plan has been drawn up and agreed with the client, the adviser will hand over the portfolio management to the Investment Manager.
    The establishment of a plan is by no means the end of the adviser’s role, as he/ she remains the client’s primary contact and provides regular servicing, and also coordinates communication between the Investment Manager and the client. All three parties work together on achieving the client’s ultimate goals.
    Our approach can be summarised by these six key steps:

    • Investor profile identification (fact find & objectives; risk profiling; product, term & premium)
    •  Investment strategy formulation (Cautious; Balanced; Growth)
    • Asset allocation (cash; bonds; equities; alternatives)
    • Portfolio construction (quantitative & qualitative analysis; fund selection)/
    • Continuous management (ongoing monitoring; transactions: dealing, switching, rebalancing)
    • Regular reporting.

    A Dedicated In-House Investment Manager

    The financial adviser’s role is to understand the client’s current situation, assess his or her goals and objectives, analyse the gap between the two and finally deliver a structure to bridge that gap. Advisers typically cover a wide spectrum of areas, such as retirement planning, protection, estate planning. Still, when it comes to investments, whilst they need to have a good understanding as to how this fits with financial planning and be up to date with the investment world, advisers are not and should not be seen as investment managers. We firmly believe it is not an adviser’s job to research, pick and trade funds for their clients. It is a full-time activity that requires thorough involvement on a daily basis.

    This is why we employ a dedicated Investment Manager to work with both advisers and clients, to design suitable portfolios, oversee and adjust them on a regular basis. This proves to be the best of both worlds: on the one hand, communication between the client, the adviser and the Investment Manager is easier, so portfolio objectives are always accurate. Whereas, on the other hand, the Investment Manager has the expertise and time to independently choose the right strategy and individual investments.

    Should you have any Questions or inquiries in this type of investment , feel free to contact us

    CASH/PAMM Investment

    pamm modelPAMM Forex Managed account is a mechanism allowing an account manager to control joined investors’ funds (multiple investors’ accounts) working with them as with a single account. These funds in no way become manager’s property; they still belong to a respective client. All this manager does is making trades with these funds. At the same time his actions are controlled by a ECN broker. The broker manages any movement of funds as well.

    Lets assume that there are 3 managed accounts under trader’s management:

    • USD account with deposit of $ 100.000 and ratio 9,3%;
    • EUR account with deposit of € 400.000 and ratio 49,5%;
    • GBP account with deposit of £ 300.000 and ratio 41,2%;

    Depending on funded amounts different ratios are applied for managed account (for ratio calculation all amounts are converted in USD equivalent based on market rate).

    In case if, for example, Trader/Money Manager decides to BUY 10 mio EURUSD, PAMM allocates the order between managed accounts according to its ratio. Each managed account has its own part of position and corresponding Profit & Loss. In current example first managed account will get position LONG 930.000 EUR/USD, second – LONG 4.950.000 EUR/USD and third – LONG 4.120.000 EUR/USD. Resulting profit & loss will be automatically calculated for each account depending on market prices.

    Pamm Advantages :
    • Incredit fx Regulation
    • 100% Secured Funds System
    • Funds Assurance upto 100.000.00 CHF incase of bankrupty of the bank
    • Ability to Achieve Profit or Loss in Rising or Declining Markets
    • High Net Worth Investments Available to All
    • Risk Control & Greater Leverage
    • FULL Control on account &Transparency
    • 24 Hour Trading & direct Bank Support

    PAMM Account Investment

    We have the more stable and conservative’s PAMMs Forex managed accounts in the market for our clients. We provide account management service via PAMM accounts opened with Incredit fx ECN BANKS ONLY No brokers Involved which grant the Direct and transparent trading conditions.


    PAMM Functional Specification:
    • Possibility to add and/or remove funds and accounts without interrupting trading activity;
    • Ability to manage through one trading platform unlimited quantity of multi currency accounts;
    • Choice of base currency for the trader’s platform;
    • Immediate trade allocation between managed accounts;
    • Ability to block trading facilities for particular managed accounts;
    • Interactive functionality to accept/decline new managed accounts;

    As an investment manager you are dealing with an expanding range of asset types, a growing number of counterparties and fluctuating transaction volumes. You are also carrying an increased risk and compliance burden. You need to deploy innovative investment strategies to compete – but you also need to control operational risks and costs, and ensure scalability, perhaps through operational outsourcing and Incredit fx is the solution for all of this risk .

    Alpha Trading Strategy :

    This great steady INSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE INTRADAY strategy is is based on backward price movements which usually happen on Mondays after high volatility during the previous week. The system trades all currency pairs. The execution quality and spreads do not influence its trading performance significantly, therefore it works with any brokers (even with high spreads market-makers). It’s intraday average trade length time is about 12 hours.

    The ‘trading period’ is of 9 months. The client before investing must know that he shouldn’t withdraw the money from the account until the ‘trading period’ is over.

    By incorporating this effective trading model among our Asset Management services

    our main objective is the consistent increase of client’s capital with minimum possible trading risks.

    The participation in this mandate implies a lock-up period for the

    Managed Assets whereas there is a window of 90 days’ time in which the Client is not supposed to redeem totally nor partially their initial deposit. The lock-up period helps the Asset Manager to prevent fluctuations on the total equity available and avoid imbalances in the guaranteed margins on the accounts.
    Capital Risk : fixed at 20%.

    Bank Counter Party : Managed in exclusively in the PAMM we have in the ECN

    Incredit fx Bank Provider

    Performance Fee commission: 20%.Reaching an investment of minimum of 150k in this trading system could have a decrease of 5%.

    What’s our Capital Risk ? When the account reaches the % of negative floating orders then all the open orders are closed automatically and the account is not reactivated until the client confirm that want to reactivate the trading in his account. It can be automatic or manual.

    Minimum Invest: $100,000

    Disclaimer: Without any exceptions, the company does not participate in any way in trading decisions made by external account managers and makes no representations, warranties and assumes no obligations with regard to any external account manager’s trading strategy and/or performance.
    Should you have any Questions or inquiries in this type of investment , feel free to contact us



















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