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Airbus agrees to settle corruption probes with France, UK, U.S.
January 28, 2020

Airbus faces billions of dollars of fines after agreeing in principle to a settlement with French, British and U.S. ...

3M forecast 2020 profit below estimates on weak Asia demand
January 28, 2020

U.S. industrial giant 3M Co forecast 2020 profit below expectations and narrowly missed quarterly revenue estimates on Tuesday, as ...

Services in spotlight after Apple stock market value hits $1.4 trillion
January 28, 2020

When Apple Inc posts quarterly results on Tuesday, investors will be looking for fresh evidence the iPhone maker should ...

Pfizer posts 9% fall in fourth-quarter revenue
January 28, 2020

Pfizer Inc reported a 9% drop in fourth-quarter revenue, hurt by intense competition for its pain treatment Lyrica that ...

Renault poised to name VW manager De Meo as CEO: sources
January 28, 2020

Renault's board is set to meet later on Tuesday to approve the nomination of Luca de Meo, the former ...

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    We remain in an environment where we believe it will pay to take equity market risk, staying focused on the long term, despite the noise from the daily news flow.

    We work with more than 150 families and manage over $83 Million in assets for clients both in the private sector and legal Entity Sector. Dukacopy clients include successful professionals, corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals and families with substantial and complex assets.

    We act as our clients’ personal Chief Financial Officer, and ensure that their life goals are met in a responsible way, through the combination of comprehensive financial planning and active portfolio management.

    When we take on new clients, they become part of our extended family, and in the past two decades, we’ve developed multi-generational relationships with many of them.

    Our team has a single mission:
    To help our clients live the lives they’ve worked so hard to enjoy.

    NON Resident Account Holders: How To Join the portfolio?

    Althoughour depositry partner banks is headquartered in Switzerland,we work with clients all over the world. Thanks to technology, we’re able to make sure the experience of our out-of-the-area clients is as positive as that of our local clients.
    To do that, we use…

    • Skype, GoToMeeting, and Prezi (an online presentation app) for virtual meetings and presentations.
    • A highly secure online client vault to store and exchange sensitive financial documents.
    • User-friendly online planning software, so clients can examine their financial plans, and see how changes to different variables effects the outcome.
    • Youtube, our website, and the banks annualy reports for client updates, briefings, and announcements.

    As well as our partner banks based in Switzerland and they have developed their own secured technology for non resident account opening using online secured platform with simplified account opening procedures helps to easy the account opening for non residents.

    According to our experience we have clients from All Europe , Asia and Middle east who they have managed to get their accounts approved within 3-4 business days with Online account opening procedures.


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    Second half 2018

    announce reports Wealth Managements announce Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Incredit fx is proud to announce the second half reports for its Wealth Managements portfolio  . we have reached 41% return for Forex managed accounts …

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    Beware of reduced liquidity on Wednesday 4 July

    Beware of reduced liquidity Beware of reduced liquidity Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Beware of reduced liquidity on Wednesday 4 July due to US market closures. FX • Regular trading hours GOLD & SILVER • …

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    Portfolio Reports for 2017 Announced

    Portfolio Reports Announced Portfolio Reports Announced Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog 8.3.2018 | As of today we have Announced the 2017 Portfolio Reports for Wealth Managements and PAMM FX portfolios . we have showen the …

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    Reduction of maximum exposure on EUR

    Reduction maximum exposure EUR Reduction maximum exposure EUR Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog 23.10.2017 | Due to the probability of high volatility, periods of low liquidity and risk of price gaps that may appear in …

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    North Korea / US speculation

    North Korea US speculation speculation Home Page : incredit fx Powered by : FullScreen Blog Due to a recent rise in tensions between North Korea and the United States, Incredit fx is decreasing the maximum exposure to 10 million of …

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